Newport, CA

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Newport, CA Fishing

ºNewport, CA fishing is completely awesome! With so many places in Newport to fish you just can’t go wrong, they’re all a good time. We have been fishing Newport for over 40 years and have learned a lot over the years especially in the bay.  This summer we will be showing you all the great spots we’ve found over the years to catch fish in Newport Harbor. You can catch fish here all year, but the warmer months from April to September have more variety of fish. 

º Newport Jetty

º Newport Beach Surf

º Newport Harbor Public  Docks

º Balboa Pier – No License Required On Public Piers

º Newport Pier – No License Required On Public Piers

º Daveys Locker Sport Fishing https://daveyslocker.com/


Newport Ca, Jetty 3-14-21
Newport, Ca Jetty
Newport, Ca Jetty

Newport, CA. Fishing off the jetty can be really good and you can fish either the harbor side or the surf side. Check the tides before you come the best six hours to fish are the last three hours of the incoming tide and the first three hours of the outgoing tide.




Newport Harbor is an amazing place to fish. This public dock is located just before the Newport Jetty. Fishing is allowed off the dock, but not off the pier. Dock fills up quickly so arrive early and claim your spot. If the dock is full don’t worry, you have two piers, the jetty, and the surf to fish, all require a fishing license to fish.


Planning on fishing public piers? If so, you will need a cart like this or similar to carry all your gear with ease. These carts are great for carrying your poles, buckets, cooler, and all your gear. If you plan on doing multiple types of fishing like the surf or park lakes a wagon with all-terrain wheels maybe be a better choice. I have seen many creative carts and wagons and they sure make getting all your gear to your fishing spot easy.



March 14, 2021, a beautiful day outside at Balboa Pier. People fishing, eating at Ruby’s enjoying life and the beautiful area we live in So Cal.

Kayak fishing is one way to get out on the water without investing a lot of money. There are many choices when buying a kayak it really depends on how much you’re willing to spend.  This is a list of things you would need to get started kayak fishing. 

º A Kayak

º Live Vest

º Paddle

º Gear if you’re new to fishing.

º Rack for a car if you don’t have a truck to transport.

Realistically, you can start fishing with just these three items, there is a ton of accessories you can purchase later. I’ve seen small electric motors on kayaks in Newport Harbor so really depends on how serious you want to get. For less than $500.00 you could be out kayak fishing. Click on some of the links from Amazon I’ve attached so you can get a good idea of the start-up cost to kayak fish.




With so many kayaks to choose from, it really depends on what you’re looking for and how much you’re willing to spend on one. Above you can see three very different kayaks from the basic angler to the more loaded hands free paddle version. Lifetime Kayaks are really well made (I have a tandem) and they offer a great kayak for the price if you’re looking to get started at a low cost. Click any of my links to be directed to Amazon where you can get more information on the above kayaks and more. Spring and Summer are fast approaching if you’re thinking about a escaping the inland heat you can’t go wrong with a kayak.





Same as the kayak there are many choices for life vests. I would recommend an inflatable vest since you’ll be fishing all day you really want to be comfortable and don’t want a bulky vest.


If you don’t have a truck you’ll need a roof rack for your car. This really depends on your vehicle you will need to look at some if you serious about a kayak. Other than a roof rack you can see how truly inexpensive it really is to start kayak fishing.


So lets recap the minimum you would need to get started kayak fishing plus fishing gear if you don’t already some.

º Kayak $300.00

º Life Vest $55.99 

º Paddles $37.99

Less than $400.00  that’s all you need to get started kayak fishing. Free parking and free to launch a kayak in Newport Harbor. Artificials work great in the harbor so no need to buy any bait either. Once you have all your gear, fishing really is free. If you don’t have a truck and need carrier it will depend on your vehicle if you have a roof rack or not.


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